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MyMFCGirlz: How did you find out about MFC?
Brooklinrose: Through research… A friend told me about webcamming and I started out on but I was working lots of hours and not taking home the amount of money that all the websites promised so I kept looking and found Myfreecams.

MMG: Who’s your 5 favorite models on MFC, other than yourself?
BR: I watched the models in the beginning to kind of see how it worked on that site but I don’t really remember who they are and since then I usually don’t check out the models, other than to see who’s the top Miss Myfreecams – When I watched, I remember Tatalatina was sexy as hell (I think that’s her screen name) and that RussianXXtasy chick is bangin. I’m pretty sure I’d lick over half the chick’s pussies that are on there – I just don’t know who they all are. LOL!

MMG: Does size matter to you?
BR: Yeah. You don’t have to have a King-Kong dick and it’s all about how you work your inches. But if you have a 2in dick, you have a 2in dick and I won’t feel it.

MMG: Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter?
BR: Anyone that posts hot, naked pics of sluts 🙂

MMG: Where can your fans find you?
BR: Everywhere. Google my name and you’ll find all kinds of shit. LOL but is my profile for the myfreecams website, I’m working on and then there’s always twitter: @spbrooklinrose and I have a facebook fanpage

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